Murray Olderman
In six decades as a prominent chronicler and artist of the American sports scene. Murray Olderman
has earned the admiration and plaudits of the athletes, coaches and leaders whose stories he has portrayed in both words and drawings.
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"Murray Olderman is one of America's most complete
sports writers‘ His depth of knowledge related to all
sports and his positive style are a joy to absorb."
- Lamar Hunt, Founder, AFL
His work has something for everyone.
Murray Olderman is a master!
- Bill Walsh, Football Hall of Fame Coach
  IIra Berkow, Pulitzer Prize-winning sports writer, New York Times:

          “Olderman was creative, innovative, and daring in his approach to sports and sports themes…. Olderman was unusual—no, unique—in being not only a standout sports writer but also a superb cartoonist (he combined both for NEA, and won awards for both).   He was also the only Phi Beta Kappa I know of in sports….”
He does everything with class and dignity….
To see where he’s been and what he’s done,
Guys like that don’t come around too often. 
His work is timeless.”
 - Tom Flores, Super Bowl winning Coach

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